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Are you looking for Wedding Videographer in Prague?

Then just possibly I am the right person. I am totally in love with Prague. I live there about 8 years and there are so many amazing places in Prague to organize your wedding, elopement or a pre-wedding session.

Krystof Prsala

Wedding Videographer Prague

Do you also feel that the most beautiful days always go by too quickly? How would it feel to be able to return to your Wedding Day after years? Experience all the emotions and feel the beautiful atmosphere again?

If you take a look at my wedding movies a little below, you will see that they are very different from most of the videos you will find on the internet. I focus on story, emotion, atmosphere and details. If you are planning a wedding in Prague, I would love to hear more about it!



krystof prsala

wedding videographer

My approach to making wedding films is unique in its simplicity. As a wedding videographer I can focus on important moments of the wedding, perceive the atmosphere, record everything important while maintaining a relaxed and smiling approach. In the final processing, even the smallest detail is not irrelevant to me. I work very discreetly and often hear from newlyweds that their guests have not even noticed that there was a cameraman at the wedding.
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WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER Prague - Krystof Prsala

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